Futballarium  – mert itt jó (l)enni

sport pub & restaurant Barcelona

Futballarium Pub & Restaurant Barcelona

The idea of Futballarium Barcelona was born in 2013 by its owners, Peter Buki and Erika Beke who made their dream come true a year later in 2014. The family business went through some changes over the years, and has evolved to a well known spot in the city, attracting visitors from every corner of the globe, sharing the same passion for football. Our guests only need to enjoy their stay in Barcelona by getting in our car waiting for them at the airport, followed by refreshments after arriving to the restaurant, where we offer breakfast, lunch and dinner to our visitors. All the guests are escorted to their apartments, located close to the restaurant and to Camp Nou as well. We have the answers for all your questions. Barcelona wouldn’t be complete without F.C. Barcelona. Their game is the most exciting and awaited event of all and yes, you can be part of this outstanding event, because we take care of your tickets for the game also. Peter’s 27 years old collection which contains more than 100 sport jerseys and 400 scarves can be found in this little jewel box situated in the neighbourhood of Camp Nou. His collection is expanding day by day along with the clientele . Futballarium Barcelona became the hottest spot for all the sport events related to Hungary. Our everyday life is enriched by national, international, world and olympic champion athletes and celebrities. We are full of surprises. You never know which celebrity you’ll find by your side while enjoying your beer. A must visit experience.

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Futballarium beer. Indian Pale Ale type upper fermented traditional English beer.

The name refers to its history.
India was the crown colony of the British Empire. This ALE was brewed there to sustain the climate change and the long oversee transport. The specification of this beer is the high hop amount, the bitter and full- bodied taste. The colour changes from honey gold to bronze.

The beer of Futballarium has 6,5 % alcohol content!

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We are waiting you with the biggest assortment of draft beers in Barcelona.
Come to us and do not forget to taste the beer of the house as well.
The Futballárium Pale Ale 6.5% with the lifestyle of Futballárium.